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Discover a seamless and exceptional homeowner experience with Jerry. Trust Jerry for a smooth transaction, reliable communication, skilled negotiations, and ongoing support. Make your homeownership dreams a reality with Jerry.


Mr and Mrs Wei selling their lease depleting HDB for a newer Flat with fresh 99 year lease


Mr Wee need to sell due to key collection for BTO. We managed to sell his lower floor corridor unit at higher floor corner unit at the same price and same time.


 Robert and his wife are upgrading to a high floor BTO. They urgently needed to sell their low floor Corridor unit to release enough finance for BTO keys collection. 2 weeks are all we need to get a buyer with good price.

Upsizing and location

We helped Mr Luo to sell his level 2 Flat within 1 weekend so that he can fulfil his dream of sending his Children near to their dream school

Cash Out at Price Peak

Mr and Mrs Li have been selling their house for a long time but with no results. We took over the role of marketing their unit and got them a buyer within 1 month.


Mr Tan and his wife looking to realize their dream by owning a large house and good location with MRT. We sold their 4rm flat at a record price and upsize them to a mature estate with MRT at doorsteps

Cash out at Price Peak

Mr Koh wanted to challenge for a record price for his House. Thru our intense marketing, he got what he wished for


Near Nature, big house, 4 bedroom and at a very good price. Congratulations to getting your dream house.

Here Are Some Common Questions You Might Have

  • I will guide you on a proven strategy to create competition among buyers and drive up the selling price of your property. Our live bidding technique fosters internal competition and generates a sense of urgency among potential buyers. We create a dynamic environment where interested parties compete in real-time, leading to higher offers and ultimately maximising your profit. Our expert negotiation skills and marketing prowess ensure that your property stands out and attracts qualified buyers who are motivated to submit their best offers. With this innovative approach, we have a track record of achieving exceptional results, selling listings at the highest price in a short period of time.

As part of our consultation, we will provide you with a comprehensive market analysis specific to your area. We will discuss recent sales data, market trends, and factors influencing property values. This will give you a clear understanding of the current market dynamics and help you make informed decisions.

We will discuss various options for leveraging your property, such as rental income, sell 1 buy 2 techniques, or exploring undervalued property investment opportunities within the real estate market. I will provide insights into the pros and cons of each option, helping you evaluate the feasibility and potential returns associated with each avenue.

  • By addressing these burning questions and providing comprehensive answers during your meeting, you will demonstrate your expertise, build trust, and empower homeowners to make well-informed decisions about their properties.
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